Simple. Easy. Lose weight with...

  • activating alternating pressure massages
  • moderate endurance training
  • easy-to-implement nutrition tips

Sounds familiar? When you lose weight, it is rarely in the right places!

What are you waiting for?

Discover our method to slim down your figure

Slim Belly®

The recipe for success for your belly

The Slim Belly abdominal belt promotes blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism throughout this region during the workout. 

You will love the pleasant alternating pressure massage and not only feel the effect afterwards, but also see it: in the beads of sweat on your skin. Simply a good feeling!

See for yourself:

Do some intensive exercise (running, cycling) until you break a sweat.

Then check your belly. If it feels cooler than other parts of your body it is an indication of low blood flow.

Slim Legs®

The recipe for success for beautiful legs and a firm buttocks

Beautiful legs and a firm bum - what kind of women doesn't want these? The Airpressure Bodyforming Method with Slim Legs makes it possible.

The patented SpiraloSkin® technology provides a unique massage effect.

The technique of alternating pressure ensures optimum blood circulation on the legs & buttocks.  The massage pressure is evenly spread over the buttocks, hip region and thighs.

Many users confirm that training with Slim Legs® visibly improves the appearance of the skin.

After only a few weeks of endurance training (3 times a week) - always in combination with a healthy nutrition - the massage of the SpiraloSkin® has a positive effect.

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Airpressure Bodyforming

A gentle alternating pressure massage. Visible results.

The patented Airpressure Bodyforming Method is the smart way to train. Its unique feature is the combination of high-tech fat reduction training and easy-to-follow nutritional guidelines.

The principle is very simple: two pressure chambers connected to a pneumatic unit (pump) consistently apply pressure and relief movements to the tissue. This gentle alternating pressure massage noticeably increases blood circulation in the problem zones of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Through the combination of light endurance training, proven nutritional rules and the use of the patented Slim Belly® abdominal belt or Slim Legs® trousers, you can expect noticeable, visible and measurable results!

Turn your problem zones into your favourite zones.

Quickly, healthily and naturally with Airpressure Bodyforming

  • Size reduction in the abdomen, legs and buttocks
  • Improved skin texture, firmer tissue
  • Better skin appearance
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