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Let yourself be inspired!

Uncomplicated and motivating!

Training with the Slim Belly is uncomplicated for me. I go to the training and someone is there to help me put on the belt. Then I can train on the machines or outside, depending on my mood. I really enjoy training with the Slim Belly and it motivates me to keep going every time. And I notice that I already fit into my old jeans a bit better.*

Lost weight & belly circumference!

After my 2 pregnancies I felt very uncomfortable in my body and too fat. At the turn of the year, I wanted to change something about it.
Thanks to the Slim Belly, which I have been using since January 2020, I not only feel better physically and mentally, I have also lost weight and girth.
This motivates me to keep at it and I look forward to training with Slim Belly every time - because it simply feels good in every way!*

Enjoy the results

I use the Slim Belly mainly to train my stomach even better. It is mostly used for endurance training, after which I feel good and exhausted. During the lockdown in winter, I was also able to use it at home. With regular use, you notice how the circumference is reduced and the tissue becomes firmer. I recommend to just try it, stay on the ball and enjoy the results.*

Varied and effective!

I combine my training with the Slim Belly. It enables me to achieve targeted toning and fat reduction in problem areas by stimulating the metabolism. If I like, I can also train outdoors, which makes my training more varied. *

Highly recommended!

I decided to use the Slim Belly because it has a positive side effect in addition to my goal of improving endurance. I find training with the Slim Belly very pleasant. The endurance training feels more intense than without it. I can highly recommend the Slim Belly.*

Skin appearance significantly improved!

10 years ago I started using the Slim Belly to beautify annoying stretch marks. Since then, the Slim Belly and the occasional Slim Legs have become part of my workout. The skin has improved considerably. For me personally, the Slim Belly supports my training and makes me sweat even more. Through regular endurance and strength training, I feel fit and well.*

It's worth it!

I use Slim Belly to efficiently train my problem zones abdomen and legs. The workout feels great and I can also do it outside in nature. Since I've been working out with Slim Belly, I've lost weight around my stomach and legs. Start training now, you'll see it's worth it!*

Simply happy!

Slim Belly reduces your waistline and makes you feel simply happy. I would recommend it to every woman, you have to try it to see how great it is.*

Two birds with one stone!

The Slim Belly is an integral part of my regular training, especially in the endurance area. But it is also good to use during other training sessions or outdoors. It is positive and motivating to do something for your health and for your figure at the same time. "Two birds with one stone"! And it's motivating and fun when you fit into your preferred size again. I also use the Slim Legs alternately.*

Brilliant body feeling!

I am positively surprised by the results. By training with the Slim Belly, I can specifically stimulate my metabolism. The subsequent body feeling is brilliant and motivates me to continue.*

Much fitter!

I have been using Slim Belly for a few months and I am thrilled. Not only do I feel fitter, but I also lost weight. I can even take my Slim Belly with me on flights without any problems to workout on vacation, where I have more time. I also have Slim Legs as well now and can alternate between them. I highly recommend!*

It works!

When my fitness club introduce me to Slim Belly concept, I didn't hesitate for a second and joined in straight away. And the success is impressive: 4 centimetres less belly circumference in only 15 DAYS (8 sessions of 40 minutes each). No doubt about it: Yes, it works!*

A dream body for a dream wedding

Four weeks before the most beautiful day of my life, I already had the dress of my dreams, but the body of my dreams was still missing. So I looked for a quick solution. I found it with Airpressure Bodyforming. The training with Slim Belly and the good tips from the success diary are my personal secret to success.*

Very useful!

I had tried the Slim Belly belt before. But because of the Covid situation, I went to the gym a bit less this autumn and I trained more outdoor. So I borrowed the Slim Belly belt including the battery and I went hiking.
It didn't bordered me at all and the battery surprisingly lasted for many hours. So I combined the useful (lost about 3 cm of belly circumference) with the pleasant and experienced many wonderful hikes.*

I got my body back - stress-free !

After the pregnancy and the birth of my daughter, I wanted to get back to my normal size as stress-free as possible. A friend finally recommended me Slim Belly and Airpressure Bodyforming training. The workouts are easy to fit into my daily routine and after 40 minutes on the cross trainer you can feel the difference. What can I say: I am absolutely satisfied and feel good in my skin again.*

Happy with Slim Legs

For a long time now, I've wanted to get rid of my so-called "saddlebags" so that I could finally fit into my favourite jeans again. But despite endurance training and a change in my nutrition, there was no success. Until I finally discovered the little secret of Slim Legs and the Airpressure Bodyforming Method. And what can I say : my jeans fit like a glove again.*

I feel fitter!

Thanks to the regular training with Slim Belly and the change in my eating habits, I feel fitter. The positive results also motivate me to take care of my body. *

Great combination!

I had such a nice support from the BodyForm team! The nutritional recommendations combined with the Slim Belly training really helped me to lose weight.*

Much more vitality!

By training with Slim Belly I feel much more alive and active. And I have lost a lot of weight and trimed my waistline!*

Visible success!

I used the Slim Belly 3 times a week for 20 minutes. At first I didn't see any success. Until I measured myself and saw that 4 cm were gone after a short time. That was great and motivated me to continue. It's easy to use, and while using it you sweat a lot on the abdomen. After 3 pregnancies and 4 children, my belly had suffered a lot. Not only the excess fat reduced, the appearance of my skin has been greatly improved as well! *

*The successes published here were achieved in daily practice - using the Airpressure Bodyforming Method. The results were personally measured and confirmed by the participants. The results have not been scientifically evaluated and cannot be generalised to the general public. The statements are not "bought" - i.e. the participants did not receive any fee for the publication of the statements.

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