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More than a million people are already training with Slim Belly in over 750 licensed health and fitness clubs throughout Europe.

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The Slim Belly abdominal belt promotes circulation and stimulates the metabolism throughout the belly during the workout. You will love the pleasant alternating massage and not only feel the effect, but also see it: beads of sweat on your skin. It just feels good!

See for yourself:
Move more intensiv (walking, riding a bike), until you break a sweat. After that test your belly. If it feels cooler than other parts of your body it is an indication of low blood flow. Fat can only be removed where the tissue is provided with good circulation.



Sound familiar?

You loose it everywhere, but not where you want it!


Before weight loss 


After weight loss, as it often is


After weight loss, as it should be 


The Answer: The Airpressure Bodyforming Method

slim_belly_airpressure_bodyforming                                        slim_legs_airpressure_bodyforming




The Airpressure Bodyforming method increases circulation to the problem zones of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks by means of a gentle alternating pressure massage.

How it works

Patented Technology

The Airpressure Bodyforming method consists of training on modern cardio and strength devices with Slim Belly/Slim Legs, while following established nutritional guidelines.
The two pressure chambers constantly apply alternating pressure to the tissue. This increases blood circulation to your problem zones. 



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Beautiful legs and a firm bum - what kind of women doesn't want these? The Airpressure Bodyforming Method with Slim Legs makes it possible.

The new patented Spiraloskin® technology provides a unique massage effect on the abdomen, legs and buttocks. The technique of alternating pressure ensures optimum blood circulation in these problem zones. The massage pressure is evenly spread over the entire abdomen with Slim Belly, and over the buttocks, hip region and thighs with Slim Legs.

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Try it out and feel good!




what you can expect


  • Size reduction in the abdomen, legs and buttocks
  • Improved skin texture, firmer tissue
  • Better appearance


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