Answers to frequently asked questions


  • Who is the program suitable for?

    You want to turn your problem zones into your favourite zones? Then the Airpressure Bodyforming Method is suitable for you. The prerequisite is that you are willing to be active and are healthy enough for moderate exercise. It doesn't matter how old you are, how much you weigh, or which gender you are.

  • Do I have to follow a strict diet?

    No, you do not get a diet plan, but nutritional guidelines with practical tipps for everyday life. Your goal should be the so-called "negative energy balance", which simply means that you burn off more calories per day through exercise than you consume.

  • Is training with Slim Belly® and Slim Legs® really healthy?

    Yes, Airpressure Bodyforming does not require you to take any pills or expose yourself to electrical stimulation. The endurance training also strengthens and improves the cardiovascular and immune systems.

  • How does the alternating pressure massage feel?

    Like a pleasant massage. Try it for yourself!

  • Does alternating pressure massage also get rid of stretch marks?

    Many women have noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of their skin, as the alternating pressure massage promotes blood circulation and thus stimulates the metabolism, especially in problem areas. By massaging the connective tissue, waste products are also eliminated. 
    The positive effect of alternating pressure massage with the Slim Legs® on the appearance of the skin on the buttocks and thighs has also been confirmed by the IMSB institute. We therefore encourage you to try the method and then make up your own mind about the result.

  • I am not fit - will I be able to follow the programme?

    The fitness clubs that offer Slim Belly® and Slim Legs® are professionals in providing training support. The trainers will adapt the workout to your fitness level, so you will be challenged, but they will respect your condition. So don't worry...

  • Do I need to worry about hygiene if I use the equipment through the club?

    No, because each user buys his/her own Slim Belly® waist belt or Slim Legs® pants. Only the pump is given to you during the training in the club. However, it does not lie directly on the skin and is carefully disinfected after each training session.

    The material of the belly belt and the pants is also anti-allergic and can be worn by anyone without hesitation.

  • Do I need special sportswear?

    No, normal sportswear is sufficient.

  • Can I also buy the equipment in stores or online?

    You can buy your own Slim Belly® waist belt and your own Slim Legs® pants. The matching pump (battery) is only available from our licensed partner clubs. The advantage for you is that you receive optimal instruction and support from a qualified trainer. An important factor for your success!

    Attention: Sometimes you can find used pomps on the internet! These come from a production from 2014 and were sold in the USA at that time. Accordingly, we can only advise against such a purchase, as you will not receive any service, repairs or spare parts in Europe... Apart from that, the battery used is already 7 years old and there are usually only US chargers included. Furthermore, Slim Belly® abdominal belts and Slim Legs® trousers are only available through our licensed partners. 

  • Do I have to sign up for a fitness club membership?

    No. You can also book the program individually at one of our partner clubs, without having to join the club.

  • Will I be well looked after at the fitness club?

    Yes, trained specialists will introduce you to the program in detail. They will also provide you long-term support in order to achieve your goals.

  • Can I train with my partner at the same time?

    Yes, there are several stations available at our partners clubs so you and your partner can train together with the Airpressure Bodyforming Method.

  • Can I also train at home or outdoors with SlimBelly®/Slim Legs®?

    Many partner clubs rent out the equipment allowing you to get back into shape in a flexible way.

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