The secret speaks for itself

More than a million people are already training with Slim Belly in over 750 licensed health and fitness clubs throughout Europe.

Enthusiastic slim belly/slim legs customers say:


Ilona Hofmann

"Oh come on, that's just something for very young people. The flab stays where it is on us older folk!" That's what I thought at first. Then I finally signed up and became convinced that the opposite was true. The concept can also help mature women achieve a good figure!



Helena Korbach

"I think it's a great concept! The little belly which I had before is now gone. You can finally see my belly muscles. The training was very motivating, as you can constantly feel what you are working towards. My skin also looks better now, and it feels tighter."


Christina Sterk

"I've been a fitness club member for a while. The training is fun and successful. But the real figure boost came with the Airpressure Bodyfoming Method. I am super-satisfied and will definitely continue!"


Veronika Guida

"I am a total fan of Slim Belly and Slim Legs, and I love training with them. The massage on the belly, thighs and bum feels really nice. What I like best is that there is always a specialist on hand at the fitness club to provide instructions and answer any questions I have. That's motivating!"



Edward Froschauer

"Finally the right thing for me!
I am pleased to have finally found the right thing for me. Training with Slim Belly is a lot of fun and I've felt really good ever since! Now I can enjoy my other hobbies of table tennis and cycling again."


Angelika Heinek-Pfrummer

"Before Slim Belly, I didn’t exercise. Starting out with the first 40 minutes of endurance training was quite a challenge, but after the third time it was a lot easier for me. The tips of the trainers in my fitness club and the nutritional guidelines in the training diary were really helpful. Thanks to the Slim Belly concept my quality of life has improved."


Petra König

"It works! I had previously tried many things - but without success. After only a few weeks I could see the results. Training with Slim Belly is great fun, and it’s easy to follow the practical dietary guidelines. Really cool, I can recommend it to anyone."


Helmut Gassner

"I am truly inspired! In a short time my waistline has shrunk so much that I now need to buy new pants. The most important thing is that the training is enjoyable. Also, the nutritional tips are great. It's going really well for me."

Doctors say

Comment from Wolfgang Graft

"As a physician and first-hand trial user of "Slim Belly" I can personally attest to the quality of the concept and product. Naturally, regular exercise and the right diet contribute decisively to success. However, the particular psychological benefit of Slim Belly is that it provides motivation for regular and consistent physical exercise. This in turn can have a positive effect on fat metabolism along with cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In my opinion the Airpressure Bodyforming method with its three components (exercise, promotion of circulation and nutritional guidelines) provides a great opportunity for active health care."

Comment from Dr. Alena Kos, lecturer at the Vienna University of Sports and a member of the IMSB Scientific Research Centre

"The combination of endurance training, the use of Slim Belly and the application of nutritional guidelines promotes fat reduction, weight loss and the reduction of abdominal girth, as well as the possibility of improving total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels - all of these factors can, of course, have a positive effect on health, thereby reducing the chances of developing the kinds of illnesses which are associated with the modern lifestyle."