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More than a million people are already training with Slim Belly in over 750 licensed health and fitness clubs throughout Europe.

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your belly and you

You belong together.
You want one thing above all: to look good!

That is exactly what we want too. After years of secret research, we have developed a figure concept with which you can achieve clearly visible and measurable results. And in a short space of time.

The secret is called Airpressure Bodyforming.
This patented method is the smart way to train. Its unique feature is the combination of high-tech fat reduction training and easy-to-follow nutritional guidelines.


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your magic formula

The Slim Belly abdominal belt promotes circulation and stimulates the metabolism throughout this region during the workout. You will love the pleasant alternating massage and you won’t only feel the effect, but you will also see it: beads of sweat on your skin. It just feels good!

See for yourself:
Do some intensive exercise (running, cycling) until you break a sweat. Then check your belly. If it feels cooler than other parts of your body it is an indication of low blood flow. Fat can only be removed where the tissue is provided with good circulation.

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I did it!

„Positive results were visible after just a few weeks. I can recommend this method to anyone.“



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The IMSB (Institute for Medical and Sports Science Consulting in Austria) conducted tests on 98 women to determine the effects of Airpressure Bodyforming on weight loss.



Study from the Institute for Medical and Sports Science Consulting in Austria (IMSB)