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Sounds familiar? When you lose weight, it is rarely in the right places!

The solution is called: Airpressure Bodyforming Method

Through the combination of moderate exercise, nutritional guidelines and the use of Slim Belly® or Slim Legs® you can achieve visible, measurable and tangible results to slim down your figur.

With the Airpressure Bodyforming Method, the recipe for success to get good figur is literally in the air. While training with Slim Belly® and Slim Legs®, the blood circulation in the problem zones (abdomen, legs and buttocks) is activated by a gentle alternating pressure with air. This healthy and natural method stimulates the metabolism and the centimetric loss.

Does Slim Belly® or Slim Legs® fit me?

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A real booster for your workout

4 facts to convince you


Circumference reduction

Not only will the circumferences of your waist, buttocks and thighs decrease, the appearance of your skin will also improve and you will look younger.


Flexibel training

Wether alone or in a group, for indoor or outdoor workout - Slim Belly® and Slim Legs® simply adapt to every training opportunity.


Simple & convenient

Thanks to the latest technology, you can target your weight loss exactly where you want it to be. Slim Belly® and Slim Legs® are extremely easy to wear and comfortable to train with.


Perfect care

Trained specialists in our partner clubs will advise you and look after you individually. In this way you will reach your goals in the shortest possible time!

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Visible, measurable and tangible success

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Simple. Easy. Weight loss.

Proven method

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Very useful!

I had tried the Slim Belly belt before. But because of the Covid situation, I went to the gym a bit less this autumn and I trained more outdoor. So I borrowed the Slim Belly belt including the battery and I went hiking.
It didn't bordered me at all and the battery surprisingly lasted for many hours. So I combined the useful (lost about 3 cm of belly circumference) with the pleasant and experienced many wonderful hikes.*

Much fitter!

I have been using Slim Belly for a few months and I am thrilled. Not only do I feel fitter, but I also lost weight. I can even take my Slim Belly with me on flights without any problems to workout on vacation, where I have more time. I also have Slim Legs as well now and can alternate between them. I highly recommend!*

It works!

When my fitness club introduce me to Slim Belly concept, I didn't hesitate for a second and joined in straight away. And the success is impressive: 4 centimetres less belly circumference in only 15 DAYS (8 sessions of 40 minutes each). No doubt about it: Yes, it works!*


*Individual result measured and confirmed by the participants, which has not been scientifically evaluated and therefore cannot be extended to the general public.

Your problem zones will become your favourite zones!
Quickly, in a healthy and natural way.

  • Reduction of waist, thighs and buttocks circumferences
  • Better looking skin, firmer tissue
  • A more youthful appearance
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